The website “Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl” is blocked in Russia

The website for the upcoming Stalker 2 GSC Game World was blocked in Russia after the developer said it would stop selling its products in the country.

According to a report from RIA Novosti (via VGC), the website in Russia was blocked by order of the prosecutor general’s office. People in the country can no longer view the website.

GSC Game World is based in Ukraine, but has recently started moving its offices to the Czech Republic. The information comes from reports that the company was interfering to open its business in the country. GSC Game World made the move after Russia invaded Ukraine, forcing the developer to push back Stalker 2’s release date.

To help Ukraine, GSC Game World has announced that it will be launching a charity sale. All company titles were written down and the proceeds from the sale were donated to humanitarian organizations based in Ukraine. In total, the developer was able to donate £ 612,557.

GSC Game World tweeted after the sale, saying, “GSC Game World Charity Game Sale has ended. With you, we have raised over $ 800,000. Thank you! After taxes and warehouse fees, the all the money for the charity Come Back Alive. We will always remember him. “

The developer has also updated the title of the upcoming game. Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl now incorporates the Ukrainian spelling of the region instead of the previously used Russian. During the same update, GSC Game World also announced that it would be canceling all pre-orders for the game in Russia.

In other news, Sony announced a senior director of PC strategy and planning position, suggesting that the publisher wants to focus more on its PC releases.


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