The VTubers would be building the community from the voice actors

the portal of Japan mojito published an article stating that the voice acting industry is threatened by the industry of Virtual YouTubers (VTubers), specifically in terms of fans moving from one to another. However, the voice actor is still in charge “almost invincible”.

«The profession of “voice actor” was the cream of the crop in the otaku industry. However, in recent years there is a rumor that the voice actresses are less and less relevant in networks. It is rumored on the internet that “now they are going to compete on YouTube”, but is it really the case? In recent years, it has become quite common for professional voice actors to distribute their work on YouTube, so they are often compared to VTubers in terms of “visuals”. For example, recently there was talk of the 10th anniversary of popular voice actress Yui Ogura’s solo debut, which only reached about 70 thousand views.».

«Commemorative live streams are now a staple in the VTubers world and for example Usada Pekora’s 3rd anniversary 3rd anniversary stream has seen over 1.05 million views so far. For this reason, comments such as: “All the Otakus have moved in with the VTubers“; “They have moved into the VTuber industry, then they can get the recognition they want, for the simple cost of SuperChat“; “Voice acting fans continue to decline“; “Even if you follow a voice actress closely, she will hardly pay any attention to you.».

«Of course, the bottom line is that YouTube numbers aren’t everything, and that a voice actor’s main job is acting, not streaming activities in the first place. But, in addition, it cannot be denied that the number of dedicated fans who follow their favorite voice actors on YouTube or other similar sites has decreased. Although hard to prove, there is a theory that the people who currently follow VTubers are the same group of people who used to listen to the radio shows without fail. Looking back, there was no doubt that there was a time when radio shows hosted by popular voice actors were born one after the other.».

«However, the number of voice actors participating in radio programs decreased over time. In the following years, virtual YouTuber “Kizuna AI” started its activities, creating a new focus of interest for otaku. In any case, VTubers are often characterized by their ability to interact directly with two-dimensional beings, their skillful delivery, and the fact that they will (basically) or never marry. As an “idol” for otaku, they could be an upgraded version of traditional voice actresses».

«So will the voice actors have any choice but to lose fans to the VTubers? The answer is no. Voice actors have a weapon that VTubers don’t: they’re alive. For example, Sumire Uesaka, who didn’t show much skin in her youth, switched to a sexier line of work. The album is due to be released in the fall of this year. ‘Uesaka Sumire 2nd Photo Book (temporary)’, it appears to be a very aggressive photo book, self-produced by Sumire Uesaka herself, showing her in a bikini on a southern island. This can only be done with flesh and blood, not 3D or Live2D models. The new voice actors would then have to focus on a similar type of work that has a new demand in the market: to be beautiful.».

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