The voices of Eren Jeager and Light Yagami will be a few in the series

Production of the live action series Kimi no Hana and Naru (I Will Be Your Flower) reported that the voice actor caji cali There will be participation in the third and fourth episodes, which will be broadcast on November 1 and 8 of this year in Japan. Kaji is known for roles like Eren Jeager in Shingeki or KyojinShoto Todoroki i boku no hero academyMeliodas in Nanatsu no Taizaiamong others.

However, the most interesting thing is that Kaji will participate as a character Toshi-kunthe local manager’s boyfriend 8 LOIM, Kenji Sōeki. The latter is played at Mamoru Miyanoa famous voice actor who played roles such as Light Yagami in DEATH NOTERintarou Okabe entered STEINS; GATEOsamu Dazai in Bungou Stray DogsThe Kid died in Soul eateramong others.

summary of Kimi no Hana and Naru

Nakamachi Asuka is 30 years old and single. She has achieved her dream of working as a teacher, teaching in an institution. Due to a situation, she is unable to continue her teaching job. Suddenly, he starts working in a university residence where 7 members of an unpopular boy group live. Her job is to do almost everything for the group, including cooking and cleaning. Nakamachi Asuka also meets her former student Sagami Dan there. He is now the leader of the boy band. Although the band was unsuccessful, Sagami Dan is committed to the group and his role as leader. Watching him, Nakamachi Asuka rediscovers her passion as a teacher and deals with her frustrations.

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