The supernatural Mononogatari dates its premiere with a preview

The official site for the Anime adaptation of the Manga written and illustrated by onigunsou, Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari, the project’s main promotional video was revealed. The video confirms that the premiere is scheduled for January 9, 2023 in Japan, and shows a snippet of the two opening themes titled “How” and illustrated by PROJECT ARCANAand the final theme titled “reconnect” and illustrated by TRUE.

Onigunsou started publishing the manga in May 2014 in the magazine Miracle jump from the publisher Shueisha. Later, in 2016 the series was transferred to the monthly magazine Ultra jump. Before that, the author wrote other works such as -Hitogatan- in 2009, but Monogatari It is the first to receive an anime adaptation.

Voice was cast

  • Take Otsuka as Hyoma Kunato.
  • Yuki Takada like Botan Nagatsuki.
  • Chikahiro Kobayashi like Nagi.
  • Queen of Ueda like Yuu.
  • Aimee Tanaka like Kagami.
  • Yoshiki Nakajima like suzuri.
  • Miyuki Kawashiro like Haori.

Production team

  • Ryuuichi Kimura (Otonari and Ginga, Aikatsu Planet!, Kemono Friends 2) is in charge of directing the anime at the studios Free Bandai Namco Pictures,with the assistance of Takahiro Okawa.
  • keiihiro oochi (Gotoubun no Hanayome, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy in Machigatteiru. Kan, Kanojo and Kanojo) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Shiori Fujisawa (Aikatsu on Parade!) is in charge of character design, and Yuka Shiga (Cestvs: The Roman Warrior) is in charge of secondary character design.
  • John Kanda Y XELIK They are in charge of the composition of the soundtrack.

Summary of Mononogatari

When the spirits cross into the human world, they can possess ancient items and take a physical form: tsukumogami. Tsukumogami can be gentle, violent, or something in between, so the Saenome clan helps peacefully return them to the spirit world to prevent their destruction.

Hyouma Kunato is a member of the clan, but he is not so calm, because he is upset when tsukumogami stole something important from him. Fearing that Hyyouma’s impetuous anger will lead to supernatural disasters while dealing with these spirits, Hyyouma’s grandfather sends him to Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, an unusual young woman who lives with the tsukumogami as if they were family. her Can Hyouma control his emotions while dealing with the tsukumogami, or is his own spirit forever angry?

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