The Simpsons will parody Death Note in a special episode

The executive producer of the animated series The Simpsons, Matt Selmanrevealed during the event San Diego comic con that the next edition of the special Treehouse of Horrors will be a parody of a popular anime franchise DEATH NOTE. It is givenLittle House of Terror” in Latin America, and they are broadcast on the occasion of Halloween.

Before this, other media had already reported that the series The Simpsons There will be a double dose of episodes of “Treehouse of Horrors” in the upcoming thirty-fourth series. This is the first time in the history of the series that two episodes have been broadcast with the mark “Treehouse of Horrors” on the same Halloween. The first episode will be three different stories, but parodies of them Item This is the first time this special has focused on one story for its entire half hour.

Referring to “Treehouse of Horrors“, out of three parts, one of this year’s segments will be a riff on the popular anime series DEATH NOTE. The animation will be handled by a completely different studio and The Simpsons will become a full animewhich Selman described as: “A very authentic anime from The Simpsons. So I think people will be excited about that. We’re not trying to change and make anime, it’s a very rich and diverse genre in itself. We don’t want to do twenty shows and cram them all into six minutes. It’s just expensive, this Death Note series».

Death Note Summary

A shinigami, as the god of death, can kill anyone, as long as he knows the face of his victim and writes his name in a notebook called “Death Note”. One day, Ryuk, bored by the shinigami lifestyle and interested to see how someone would use the notebook, falls into the human realm. High school prodigy Light Yagami is the one who stumbles upon the notebook and tests its abilities by writing the name of a criminal on it. When the criminal dies right after his experiment, Light is shocked and quickly realizes how devastating the power he has now acquired can be.

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