The second season of One Piece is ready to be made

The producers behind the successful debut of the live action series of NetflixOne piece“, they announced that scripts for a potential second season have been completed and that production could be “ready to air” within a year, when recordings can begin. Marty Adelstein, CEO Studios tomorrowwho produces the live-action series in collaboration with the creator of the manga, Eiichiro Odaand the publisher Shueishaconfirmed the news.

One piece

Although a possible second season will not be able to begin until the writers and actors strike is resolved, Becky Clementspresident of Tomorrow Studios, states that As soon as they are allowed to resume, the second season could be released as early as next year.Realistically, we hope a year away, if we move quickly, and that’s the opportunityClements said. “Somewhere between a year and eighteen months, we could be ready to go on air“.

Although the renewal for a second season has not yet been officially announced, Adelstein and Clements indicate that all signs point to it being a reality. Clements said: “They keep it a secret, as you know, until after the launch. But with Netflix backing the title, we expected it to be number one and their research and algorithms probably saw that possibility. But in our post-launch calls, we were told that we exceeded expectations, which is also great“.

This success is a great achievement for Tomorrow Studios, whose live-action version of “Bebop Boy” for Netflix, which was canceled less than a month after premiering in 2021. Executives are hoping for a better fate for “One Piece.” Adelstein states: “I think Netflix is ​​evaluating different scenarios as to how many episodes they’ll do, whether they’ll split them up. I think they are trying to figure it out this week. I suspect we’ll hear from them in a week or two. There seems to be a lot of pressure to keep this going and come up with a long-term strategy. So we’re just waiting for that“.

Adelstein notes that the next step to proving that “One Piece” deserves a second season is to build on those initial viewership numbers by attracting people who weren’t familiar with the manga or anime. on which it is based before release.I think what he needs to do, and what he’s doing, is to expand“Adelstein said. “We’re getting a lot of family viewing and that’s really important, bringing in people who aren’t fans and people who don’t know the IP because the show stands on its own two feet and people get to watch it and really love it. it.“.

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