The second season of ‘Halo Infinite’ includes a new survival mode for 12 players

343 Industries has provided details of upcoming game modes and playlists hala-indefinite when the second season comes on May 3rd.

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In a blog post yesterday (April 21), 343 Industries outlined the updated classic methods and some groundbreaking ones. These include “King of the Hill”, “Land Grab” and “Last Spartan Standing”.

A new trailer showing all of the game modes can be seen below. :

Last Spartan Standing is the most unique new mode, and is based on the theme of “lone wolves” from Season 2. In free mode for all, there are 12 players on a Grand Team Battle map with five lives, and when lost they are all eliminated by one player, at which point they can view the game or leave it all “unpunished”.

Each time a player gets killed, they can upgrade their weapons, and the game ends when only one player is left standing.

King of the Hill is a folding game mode, but this time its classic capture and defense style has changed. I Hello Unlimited, players from both teams will fight for control of an immovable area, and when one team is in charge they will start scoring points. The team that first fills their catch bar will add one point to their total score, and then move the hill to a different location.

Rinse and repeat until the time expires or until one team reaches the maximum number of points.

Land Grab is a bit like the existing Strongholds game mode, in that there are three points on the map that each team must try to control. When a team takes a belt, they earn a point and the belt is locked from then on. A break-in only occurs when either team takes over those three zones, before passing through three other neutral zones. The first team won to get 11 points.

In the post, multiplayer game designer Zach Boyce also highlighted how the current multiplayer playlists are hala-indefinite. When Season Two launches on May 3, the Rumble Pit playlist will feature a collection of eight-player free-to-play modes, some with a “twist.”

The Ninja Slayer playlist will allow players to carry unlimited energy ammo swords and grappleshots, encouraging players to “swing and beat people with swords.” Vampireball is an Oddball, except the ball carrier becomes more powerful, as in this mode the skull is hit with one die instead of two, and any kill charges the carrier’s shield by about 50% (including the blood on extra overshields).

Finally, Rocket Repulsors, which gives unlimited ammo to all Rocket Launcher and Repulsor players.

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