The Saturday of the thighs and the ‘craving’ arrives this season

Welcome to the exciting world of anime summer 2023! In this season, three series have unleashed a real revolution in the anime fan community. “Liar, Liar“, “Temple: No One Can Live Alone” and “Atelier Ryza: Ever Dark & ​​Hidden Secret The Animation” have become real trends after their weekly broadcasts on Saturdays. What is the secret behind your overwhelming success? The answer is the popular genre called “ecchi”.

The ecchi genre, known for its erotic and suggestive content, has long captivated audiences. Although its provocative nature has generated debate and criticism, its popularity has not waned year after year. Ecchi has the ability to appeal to a wide range of emotions from the audience and is characterized by softer sexual elements and situations compared to other genres of adult content. It is not only about an erotic component, but also about its ability to mix it with other genres, such as comedy, romance and fantasy.

In addition, the ecchi genre offers fans an escapist experience. Through charismatic characters and fantastic situations, it transports the audience to an imaginary world where their dreams and wishes can come to life. Thoughtful character design, compelling visual aesthetics, and exciting interactions between protagonists are key features that attract and retain passionate fans.

However, the popularity of ecchi cannot be attributed solely to its erotic content. The genre has proven to be flexible and adapted over the years, incorporating different themes and narrative styles. From romantic comedy to action to drama, ecchi has evolved to provide a richer and more varied experience for viewers, contributing to its continued popularity and relevance in the anime industry.

So the season of Summer-2023 (July-September) we were surprised: three ecchi anime series are broadcast on the same day, on Saturday. Their stories may not seem interesting to you, but how many ecchi have you seen that feed on their story and not their erotic content?

Liar, Liar

Temple: No One Can Live Alone

Atelier Ryza: Ever Dark & ​​Hidden Secret The Animation

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