The Sakamoto Days manga may have an anime adaptation

A leak from Weibo claimed that the manga was written and illustrated by Yuuto Suzuki, Sakamoto daysIt will have an anime adaptation. The leak did not reveal production details or a scheduled release date, and it should be noted that it is still pending confirmation.

Yuuto Suzuki started publishing the manga through the magazine Weekly Shōnen jump from the publisher Shueisha in November 2020. The publisher published the seventh compilation volume on June 3, and will publish the eighth on August 4 in Japan. Suzuki is also the author of other one-shot works such as locker room Y Garaku. Indeed, Sakamoto days It comes from a one shot that he published in 2019, making it his first serialized manga.

Summary of Sakamoto Days

Tarou Sakamoto was considered the greatest hitman of all time. Feared by many, he was at the top of the underground world until he met and fell in love with a woman. As a result, Sakamoto gave up his life of crime and now works as a store clerk. Leaving the past behind is more difficult than Sakamoto first imagined. Many of his former competitors and former partners do not believe that he is really out of business and they show up expecting him. Stop killing, Sakamoto must find creative ways to subdue his enemies and prevent them from harming his family, his shop, and the small town where he lives.

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