The Rose of Versailles is getting a new anime film adaptation, preview released

The popular Japanese manga series The Rose of Versailles is getting a new anime film adaptation, four decades after the original anime series ended its run in 1980. As part of the announcement, a visual and promotional video were released.

Anime movie Rose of Versailles
The Rose of Versailles Anime Movie – Key Visual

TMS Entertainment animated the 1979 film The Rose of Versailles anime, with Tadao Nagahama and Osamu Dezaki as directors. Aired forty episodes on Nippon TV. The English version was licensed by Right Stuf for North America in 2012 under its home entertainment brand Nozomi Entertainment. It was later acquired by Discotek Media, who released the series on Blu-ray in 2021.

The Rose of Versailles Anime Movie – Promotional Video

The Rose of Versailles is based on a historical and romantic manga series by veteran mangaka Ryoko Ikeda. The story takes place before and during the French Revolution. It was serialized by Shueisha and aired from May 21, 1972 to December 23, 1973. It ran from April 20, 2013 to February 5, 2018. The manga is considered one of the pioneering works of the shojo genre, with many critics praising the manga for her feminist storytelling as she successfully portrays women playing the role of leaders in difficult times.

Udon Entertainment has licensed the manga in English, describing its first volume as:
Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes is a young noblewoman raised like a son by her father. As the commander of Marie Antoinette’s palace guard, Oscar comes face to face with the luxury of King Louis XVI’s court at Versailles. Joined by his servant Andre, Oscar is privy to the intrigues and deceptions of France’s last great royal regime.

The Rose of Versailles also sparked more interest in French tourism among Japanese people and also earned Ikeda the Legion of Honor from the French government in 2009.

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