The ‘real version’ of Ryza made fans fall in love

A few days ago we reported that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) They began to overshadow even the cosplayer market, since now they are able to produce ultra-realistic images of girls cosplaying different characters. That is, they are able to convert an anime character to their “live-action version” in an almost perfect way. Of course, the AIs are still struggling with the design of the smaller features, like the teeth and hands, but there’s no doubt that progress is coming.

But today we are going to talk about a particular image that has captivated the Internet, and that is that someone asked AI to make such a version of Reisalin “Ryza” Stoutthe popular protagonist of the franchise in video games Atelier Ryzaalso known for her huge juicy thighs that get better with each new installment.

There was even a vote among the fans, asking them which version they preferred.. The realistic version offered by the AI ​​won with 60.8 percent of the votes, representing more than 300,000 participations.

Of course, there were comments like:

  • «I had already seen a Ryza cosplayer in a previous event, but this is just amazing».
  • «I have nothing more to say, it’s a great result, thank you very much».
  • «I wonder what principles the AI ​​will use to produce these types of diagrams? I think it’s amazing what he’s doing today».
  • «I think at this rate they will surpass the flesh and blood cosplayers in no time. After all, here you have complete freedom to put the model in any pose you want.».
  • «I’m afraid the AIs are getting better every month. Not a day goes by that we don’t know they can do something new now».

And of course, now that we are talking about it Atelier Ryzalet’s continue the good news! A recent leak​​​​ via Weibo confirmed that this popular video game franchise will have an anime adaptation. The information is not yet confirmed, but it turns out that it is Atelier Ryza there will be a panel at the important event Anime Japan 2023 at the end of March. Will the confirmation come then? There is nothing left to do but wait!

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