The Rapture is now “cool” with LCD Soundsystem’s “cruel” James Murphy

The Rapture’s Luke Jenner has opened up about his rocky relationship with former label boss and former LCD Soundsystem boss James Murphy.

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Speaking to NME for the Quiz “Does rock and roll kill brain cells?,” Jenner revealed that Murphy was “intentionally angry” for two years, despite Jenner’s respect for him as a “father figure .”

“I saw myself as a very hot young man who was very angry and he wanted to get it on tape, so that he would deliberately wind me up and then say, ‘Go record the vocals .’ It was cruel. Listening to ‘Echoes’ [el álbum de debut] it’s like watching someone chew glass,” says Jenner.

He went on to say that when The Rapture signed their record deal with DFA “James’ description was: ‘We’re going to join our left hands together and in our right hands, we’re both going to have knives. And that’s it. how we are going to be honest with each other. with the other.” That’s how he described our relationship, and he was one of my best friends! That’s the game.”

“It was like when I played touch football with my father as a child, he always won and then threw sand in my face. I was crying hysterically, but he did not care, as long as he’s the best! Haven’t sat down to talk about all this with James, but when I see him, I give him a hug”, he continues.

“At some point our relationship took a turn. We collaborated and then I became his enemy and he wanted to destroy me. Ten years ago I said to him: ‘You are victorious! Your band is more popular than I was always and nothing. Are we all right now?’ And he said, ‘Yes, we are good.’ I’ve seen James many times since then and we’re good,” Jenner added.

DFA Records released The Rapture’s first album ‘Echoes’ and third album ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’. In 2019, Jenner confirmed to Consequence that they still owe the label an “album”.

Speaking to NME, Jenner said she wants to “do a new Rapture album.

“I would love for The Rapture to be a part of my life. What I want to achieve before the end of my life is to heal the relationship with Vito Vito [Roccoforte, batería de The Rapture] and -to a certain extent- James [Murphy].”

The Rapture star in Meet Me In The Bathroom, an immersive journey through New York’s revolutionary music scene in the early ’00s, following the likes of The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol and LCD Soundsystem. The film will hit theaters on March 10, but fans will have the chance to see it earlier via NME Screens.

NME Screens: Meet Me In The Bathroom takes place on Thursday 9 March at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London. Tickets are free and registration is available through DICE.

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