The racist gringo follows the offensive Japanese YouTuber

The popular American YouTuber “johnny somali” continues to give something to talk about in Japan. After starring in an incident with the police during a live broadcast with “Rengoku KoroakiJohnny was silent for a few days. However, recently he noticed himself again by transmission from the facilities of the Tokyo Disneylandhurling insults and playing racist music in full through a loudspeaker while broadcasting.

In a video that went viral on social media, “Johnny Somali” is seen playing racist music. His live streaming setup allows his fans to donate a few dollars to play songs through a speaker, and has done little to discourage them from picking up racist songs.

According to various websites, Tokyo Disneyland prohibits certain types of live broadcasts, and the actions of “Johnny Somali” certainly fall under the prohibited activities.. So how did he get away with it? Through repeated claims that it wasn’t streaming live, even though it clearly was. He has also been known to tell someone he was on a FaceTime call with his family.

This is not the first controversial episode starring Johnny Somali in Japan. A few days ago, the youtuber “Guts (@g_menguts_ch)“He is known for taking justice into his own hands, “Johnny Somali” issued a statement of apologyvowing not to repeat the trouble he caused when he harassed train passengers in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

One of the popular Japanese Twitter profiles, which has been posting clips of “Johnny Somali” for the past few weeks, shared the video showing the live streamer playing racist music at Disneyland. In just over an hour, this clip has already reached more than half a million views.

Somali Johnny continues to cause controversy in Japan and the authorities are evaluating what action will be taken regarding his inappropriate behavior at the theme park. These incidents have highlighted the need for stricter standards and enforcement of existing regulations to prevent similar situations in the future.

Fountain: @mrjeffu on Twitter


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