The quality of the One Punch Man sequel worries fans

the portal of Japan mojito share an article to reveal that fans of the anime adaptation of the franchise One Punch Man they are more concerned about the production of the third season, due to the decrease in the quality of the series with its second season.

«The popular manga “One Punch Man”, serialized on the Tonari no Young Jump service, has decided to restart its anime adaptation with a third season. This should be good news for fans, but for some reason some people are worried. “One Punch Man” has appeared as a television animation for two seasons so far, and with this announcement a third season has been decided to be produced. This is the first new work in about three years, and a visual teaser of Chikashi Kubota, who designed the characters in the previous seasons, has also been revealed on the official Twitter page.».

«There are no details yet, but the visual teaser suggests that the story will likely revolve mainly around the “Garou Arc.” As it is one of the most popular arches in the work, it has a huge national and international response. However, some are concerned about the quality of this third season. This is because many viewers were not satisfied with the second season of the anime, which aired in 2019.».

«In retrospect, the first season, which aired in 2015, was produced by Madhouse and was so well received that it was dubbed “animated by the gods”. However, the production studio was replaced by JCSTAFF from the second season, and a decline in animation quality was noted.».

«This is why comments like: “Are they serious about making a sequel after the disaster that happened in the second season?“; “To be honest, I don’t have much hope from the second season because the animation company changed and the animation became more decadent“; “I would love to see a third season, but the second one left me too disappointed. expectations are low».

«This is not the only complaint from fans of the original manga. First, there are major differences between ONE’s original version of “One Punch Man” and Yusuke Murata’s version published in Tonari no Young Jump. The “Garou Arc”, which will take place in the third season, was particularly notable for its “change in the original story”. The “Murata Version” modifications to the “Garou Arc” were not fully accepted, and those uncertainties were carried over to the upcoming third season.».

«Related comments such as the following emerged: “I think Murata’s version will be a disaster in the anime adaptation“; “What to do with the second half of the anime regarding the Garou arc? I personally want ONLY the version to be adapted“. At first, around the second season of the anime, there were original developments, such as the “Super Fight” martial arts competition shown in Murata’s version, which was not very popular with viewers. It cannot be ruled out that further changes could be made to the original story that would cause havoc. The commissioned study may be under pressure, but it may be possible to exceed expectations».

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