The Psycho-Pass anime will have a new movie to celebrate its ten year anniversary

Through the official website for the original anime for the original anime Psych-Passannounced, to celebrate ten years of the franchise, and as a thank you to all the fans, a new project will be launched with multiple events that will take place in Japan.

In addition, as a main course, a new film for the series will be shown, which will be produced by the studios IG production. This feature will be titled PROVIDENCE Psych-Pass. The release date of the film will be revealed soon.

The rest of the events are an exhibition that will run from December 19 to February 28, featuring art from all three seasons of the anime. Products with exclusive illustrations will also be sold.

On the other hand, various temporary shops will be opened in cooperation with the official anime fan club and shops Lake Aichi Y Noitamina Shop & Cafe. In these stores you can find exclusive products and illustrations made by the character designer of the franchise, Naoyuki Acha.


Finally, a podcast will be released under the title Radio pass psychowhich will be directed by the voice actor Kenji Nojima, who voices the character Nobuchika Ginoza. This podcast will be broadcast on the platforms Onsen Internet Radio Station Y Spotify the second Friday of each month, starting in September.

the original anime Psych-Pass It premiered in 2012 and ran for 22 episodes. The series had a second season of 11 episodes released in October 2014 and a third season released in October 2019 with 8 episodes of one hour each. The first two seasons of the anime are available on Crunchyroll although the third is only available i Amazon Prime Video. In addition, the franchise had a self-titled feature film Psycho-Pass: The Moviewas released in theaters in Japan in 2015.

Summary for Psych Pass

Because of the incredible success of the Sibyl System, Japan has started exporting the technology to other countries in hopes that it will one day reach the whole world. To test its effectiveness abroad, the warring state of the Southeast Asian Union (SEAU) decides to implement the system, hoping to bring peace and stability back to the city of Shambala Swimming and keep the population under control.

However, a group of anti-Siberian terrorists arrive in Japan, and the Social Welfare Ministry’s Public Security Bureau uncovers significant evidence that Shinya Kougami, a former Enforcer turned rogue, is aiding the invaders. Because of their past relationship, Akane Tsunemori is sent to SEAU to bring him back, but with their past years together, their reunion won’t be a cake walk. together.

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