The problems of COVID-19 in Isekai Ojisan would be a lie

Recently an anime adaptation of it Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another Life) reported that the broadcast of the eighth episode has been indefinitely delayed due to production issues due to COVID-19. However, a previous statement from the animator Ippei Ichii it would have been confirmed that the problem would be something else.

«The anime “Isekai Ojisan” (TOKYO MX, etc.) is based on a popular manga that has sold more than 2 million copies. Although the series attracted a lot of attention within the Summer-2022 season that started in July of this year and was considered a “mainstream” series, it has now unexpectedly hit a snag.».

«The main character of “Isekai Ojisan” is an “uncle” who has been venturing into the different world of Granbahamal for the past 17 years. When he returns to the real world, he and his nephew Takafumi go about their daily lives… On August 28, a disturbing tip emerged from this animation. It was prompted when animator and animation director Ippei Ichii mentioned behind-the-scenes production details on Twitter.».

«Ichii was supposed to be in charge of directing episode 10, but since before episode 7 aired, there was no drawing staff, so he had to resign. Finally, the production of episode 10 had to be produced only by the internal personnel of the production company “Atelier Pontdarc”, that is, they did not consider hiring external (freelance) personnel. If the episode is being produced by an internal team, where is the alleged outbreak of COVID-19?».

«Episode 10 was due to air on 21 September, with a delivery time of around three weeks. This is too far from the generally accepted schedule for animation production. As a result, there were comments about him: “The prognosis is very poor“; “Have you run out of ideas again?“; “I pray that every last episode is produced with ease“; Y”The anime is very funny, but the story is very sad».

«It was revealed that “Isekai Ojisan” was produced on a very tight schedule. Few production crises have occurred so far, but there is a sense that a “collapse of works” is likely to occur in the future. As it turns out, this year’s summer season seems to be in a state of increasingly unstable animation quality. For example, “Hoshi no Samidare” was the first animated adaptation of a classic that every manga lover knew, but it was met with criticism because the quality was so low. In particular, the animation was extremely unstable and even the “dogs” could not be drawn correctly.».

«In addition, the second season of “Classroom of the Elite”, the first season of which was broadcast more than five years ago, is full of criticism due to unstable animation quality. Likewise, “Hataraku Maou-sama!” it is receiving similar criticism as the second season. Will “Isekai Ojisan” turn its reputation as a “divine anime” around and be branded as an animation flop? I hope this is a pivotal moment for the series and that it stays on track.».

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