The northern version of the opening Digimon Adventure goes viral

the Twitter account”@Tortilla_Senpai” trended recently after posting a TikTok video about the event otaku market, held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The video shows a musical group performing a northern version of the anime’s opening theme. Game Digimon Adventureentitled “Butter-Fly” and did Koji Wada.

It is the group in questionShinigami of the North“, founded by a popular YouTuber”lots” and those who interpret the familiar “fricicorridos“, distinctive Northern Mexican-style versions of anime music themes. Naturally, this post attracted mixed reactions from the English community, as it was the source language of the Twitter post that made the video go viral.

Among the most notable were:

  • «The reaction of people in Mexico is always pleasant, Salvador Dalí himself declared that he could not stand Mexico because it was more surreal than his paintings.».
  • «It’s not uncommon for a band to play anime openings (I was singing along with all the geeks) but let me say the best part is that they did their own arrangements to change the music genre of the theme to make it sound like regional Mexico. Music.».
  • «It wasn’t as popular as anime, but more like a flea market… I’m not sure how to say it in English. The event was fun and the merchandise sold was decent. Although I don’t know how the contestants were able to cosplay outside, it felt like hell that day.».

Of course, other videos shared by other participants in the event could not be missing, showing other angles of the perhaps strange celebration:

Finally, if you are interested in the song of Conradh na Gaeilge Game Digimon Adventure They were playing officially available below:

We close with more information from the group, which is described as follows:

  • The Los Shinigamis del Norte project was born as a meme for people who like to watch anime and listen to their music, guys called “otaku”. No one ever imagined that this culture could be combined with the Norteño/Regional Mexican genre. This is how the Youtuber and singer Lalothing decided to create this group and give an unexpected twist to this whole wave of new artists and groups on the Mexican scene, giving us a cultural shock that not everyone has experienced on him.
  • Compiled by Diego García (Drummer), Alejandro Jiménez (Bassist), Erick Bolaños (Guitarist and fifth bass), Carlos Castillo (accordion) and the aforementioned Lalo (Vocalist) present a new and complex style for lovers and not as that’s Geek/Otaku Culture lovers. His first performance took place as already expected, not in a canteen, not in a palanquin or a rodeo, but in an Anime and Comics convention in the city of Monterrey, expressing his music and his strange way of appearing on stage .

Digimon Adventure Summary

When a group of seven kids go to summer camp, the last thing they expect is snow in July. In the confusion that follows this phenomenon, they each find a strange device that transports them to another world. As soon as they wake up in this new world, they meet strange creatures that call themselves “Digimon”. The Digimon tell them that they have landed in the “Digital World”, far from home. With only the Digimon and the “Digivices” under their protection, the seven children made their way back home and learned about the reason they were brought here. Led by the Taichi Yagami and his hungry Digimon partner Agumon, this group will have to fight unknown evils as they discover this lonely Digital World.

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