The new Kit Kat will have the famous Tokyo banana filling

Souvenir and gift shops are big business in Japan. When people travel far and wide on vacation or business, they always think of returning with a memory or two of their friends or colleagues. And stores nationwide cater to this need with a wide range of unique products representing each region.

For visitors to Tokyo, one of the most popular souvenirs is to return home Tokyo Banana. Released in 1991, Tokyo Banana It is a light, puffed sponge that is baked and steamed and stuffed with crushed banana custard puree. Its soft texture and tender form of it mini-banana He is so much loved by people all over the country that the company behind the product has released products derived from this dessert, including banana smoothies and his latest creation: Uji matcha & sweet red bean paste cream.

Now they are shaking things up again with a new product. As part of a collaboration with the world famous chocolate Nestle. The new chocolates will combine the best of each specialty. The smooth banana cream filling with crispy waffles of Kit kat. Everything to do »crunch-wet combinations never seen before in any Kit Kat“.

The shape of the chocolate looks even a few tiny bananas when tied to one side. Words »Tokyo Banana“They are imprinted on the chocolate, as well as the iconic banana logo.

The new ones Tokyo Banana Kats Kit They will be available in boxes of 8 and 15 packs for 650 yen (US $ 5.70) Y. 1,200 yen respectively.

Kit Kats can be purchased at Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo Candy Land)), located inside Tokyo Station from November 15 to January 9. The product will then be available in more stores, including airports, subway stations and highway relaxation areas.

Fountain: SoraNews


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