The ‘Minecraft’ stream will go behind the scenes of the coming crowd

Live stream of Minecraft Now a new crowd coming to the game, Allays, will be detailed along with other upcoming content.

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Broadcasting will begin tomorrow (April 28) at 5:00 pm (BST) and 6:00 pm (CEST) on the official channel of Minecraft in Youtube. Described as a passive crowd, it can fly and is designed to help players carry goods.

In addition to new Allay data, new Allay information will be presented during the live stream. Minecraft dungeons. “Laura, from the team at dungeons minecraftI’ll be here to give you an in – depth look at what’s going on for the second season, “reads a post on the official website.” I’ve heard a rumor that they’re only adding two of everything, I hope she’s that. ”

For dungeons minecraft , the new content that the team will have to show has to do with the next major update of the game, Luminous Night. This new adventure will let you “explore the tower at night in a whole new light, with floors containing mysterious murals, collision puzzles, and fiery enemies,” according to the trailer’s official report.

Those waiting to find out more about the update aon .19 of Minecraft they will still have to wait to find out more about it, since it is not mentioned for the next stream. The update is set to add a variety of new changes, such as new biomes like the deep darkness and the mangrove swamp.

In other news, reviews of the eden ring A bug that caused the Malenia to steal health was fixed even when she was not supposed to.


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