The manga Koi to Uso comes to an end and its author celebrates it

This Sunday, at the Japanese service Sleeve Box published on the last chapter of the manga written and illustrated by Musawo Tsumugi, Using Koi (Love and lie). The manga came to an end after more than seven years in serialization. The twelfth and last compiled volumes of this series were released on January 7 in two versions, one with a way – based ending. Misaki Takasaki and another with the path of the Ririna Healed.

To celebrate the publication of the final chapter, the author Musawo Tsumugi Share a special illustration on his Twitter account with Yuusuke Nisaka, Misaki Takasaki, Ririna Sanada, and Yukari Nejima. In addition, Tsumugi thanked the fans for their long – standing support for the project and stated that he had decided to start work on a new series very soon.

Using Koi

Tsumugi started publishing the manga on the Web site Sleeve Box from the publisher Kodansha in August 2014. The recent work surpassed 2.6 million cumulative copies distributed and inspired an anime adaptation of twelve studio-produced episodes LIDEN FILMS, led Seiki Takuno and scripts written by Natsuko Takahashi, released in July 2017. Following this production a two-episode OVA was released in November 2018. In addition, a live-action film was produced in Japan and released in October 2017.

Summary of Koi to Uso

In a future where Japan is struggling to cope with its low birth rate, the Japanese government is introducing the “Yukari Law”, a matching system based on genetic compatibility for all young people who reach sixteen years of age. Known as the “red thread of science”, it is a well-accepted policy that promises a full life to those who adhere to it and punishes those who confront it.

At sixteen, the time is short for Yukari Nejima, who decides to confess his love for the beautiful and popular Misaki Takasaki, whom he has loved for the past five years. Surprisingly, Misaki shares his feelings, but just as the two share a close moment, Yukari receives a notice from the government. He marries his assigned partner, the unbroken Ririna Sanada, and is now plunged into a world of love and lies, still trying to convince himself that his feelings are the right course.

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