The manga “Harapeko no Marie” will end with its fourth volume

The second volume of the manga Harapeko no Marie (Marie is hungry) oh Ryuhei tamura, revealed Wednesday that the story would end in its fourth volume. It is planned to release this along with the third volume on 4 December.

Harapeko no Marie for the first time on February 27 through the magazine Shonen Weekly Jump ó Shueisha. Viz Media he published the first three chapters in English through the digital platform Shonen Weekly Jump as part of its initiative “Jump start”.

Harapeko no Marie

Summary Harapeko no Marie manga

This romantic battle comedy focuses on a boy named Taiga and the girl who lives next door to him. Taiga has always been in love with her. When he finally gets a chance to talk to her, she brings him home as a human sacrifice. This is in order to revive Marie Antoinette's daughter. After the fire fails, Taiga wakes up inside the princess's body !?

Tamura the manga drew Beelzebub on the Shonen Weekly Jump from 2009 to 2014.

Fountain: ANN

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