The man who married Hatsune Miku took her to dinner at a restaurant at Christmas

At 35 years of age, Akihiko kondo he was always a lonely person. But ten years had passed since she found companionship, and consequently love, in the most unconventional way possible. He fell in love with the virtual idol of it Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

Miku was born in 2007 within the voice synthesizer software program Vocaloid, where the user writes the songs and the program, using Miku voice or any other available voice bank, sings them. It is currently a benchmark in Japanese music, with millions of views on YouTube and already given live concerts internationally.

So Kondo took another step other than being a fan: he married her. The wedding took place on November 4, 2018, and cost 2 million yen (approximately $ 18,000), and invited 40 guests. «When people praised us after the ceremony, I was moved and felt like I was really getting married. I am a very happy person. I guess she is too», He commented in an interview. «I live married like any normal person. We went on our honeymoon and I treated her like a doll. It’s the same one I sleep with. I am not impatient. Of course not». added.

Anyway, this story continues after three years, because Akihiko kondo published a series of photos of Christmas dinner, where you can see a large replica of his virtual wife, Hatsune Miku, with which you eat in a public restaurant (not at home privately). Kondo noted that the photos were from his Christmas dinner with his wife, which was difficult to plan as he had to consult with restaurant management about whether he could wear his doll.

The persuasive (or perhaps rich) man managed to convince those responsible for approving it, and the chef cooked for both of them and Kondo paid for it and Miku. Satisfied with the experience, Kondo stated that he would like to do it again sometime in the future on some other special date.

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