The madness for monster girls

Decent anime genre new which has gained considerable strength recently, attracting some of its rare and innovation in the middle, but what is a monster girl really?

12 beast manga cover


Translated into Spanish as “monster girl”, they are characters female, mostly humanoids, which have a human part and some other animal or mythological creature, which retains only: tail, wings, halo, ears (Kemonomimi), or even half human and half animal completely.

Types of kemonomimi

Types of monster girl

The purpose of this genre is to transform fantasy creatures and give them feminine and humanize them. Some examples:

Girls from the visual novel “Nekopara”

Kemonomimi: humanoids with animal ears and tail

Miia ó “Monster musume no iru nichijou”

Lamia: from Greek mythology, half human snake

Harpy the encyclopedia monster girl

Harpy: half human with arms and legs bird

Centorea ó “Monster musume no iru nichijou”

Centaur: from Greek mythology, a monster girl with human stock and the lower part of a horse

Youko ó “Jitsu wa watashi wa”

Vampire: are characterized by having fangs and wings, some of which can change into bats

Machi from “Demi chan wa kataritai”

Dullahan: from Irish mythology. The angel of death who is able to detach the head from the body

Taste for monster girls

It was the series that gave him a significant boost “Monster musume no iru nichijou” stereotype of ecchi, mangaka harem Okay (sensei) who worked works of the same genre (12 beasts, monster girl description among others), the series “Demi chan wa kataritai” the girls showed a monster in the school environment, nicknamed “demi” in this work. But, Why is this genre so passionate?, The answer focuses on highlighting the difficulties and the way of life in human life, although soul stereotypes are used as: harem or ecchi, it does not interfere with the development of the plot.

Demand girls and monster

I will make an honorable reference to this genre with the famous erpe rpg “Monster Girl Quest” Due to its reputation, encyclopedias were published to learn more about all the monster girls in the game.

Encyclopedia cover


This season 2 anime was released with this genre “Centaur No Nayimi” and “Isekai Shokudou”. Centaur no nayimi is a school seinen starring Himeno Kimihara, a centaur girl, who recounts her school experiences. Isekai Shokudou is a comedy cooking anime, which tells the story of a restaurant that caters to people during the week and opens to “special” customers on Saturdays.

Centaur No Nayimi and Isekai Shokudou

I hope you like this anime genre and enjoy it, I say goodbye waiting for more anime adaptations of this genre.


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