The lawsuit grows between One Piece fans and Dragon Ball fans

If you have walked in the last few days in Anime groups on social networks, you have certainly noticed two very relevant things. The first is that fans of one piecespecifically regarding the anime adaptation, they are more worried than ever because within two episodes one of the moments that all readers hope for will be the adaptation of the original manga: Luffy will finally awaken the Gomu Gomu no Mi and unlock Gear 5.

And no, we’re not giving you spoilers, that’s practically what the promotional video says, where, kindly, Toei Animation was in charge of spoiling the whole surprise for you:

But this article is not going to talk about the most anticipated moment for One Piece fans, but the fact that everyone made a statement that was controversial among anime fans in general: “One Piece will break the internet“. And of course, there was a community that could not remain silent before this important statement: dragon ball fans.

The eternal competition between the two communities of fans, who consider their right to vote more important than the other, was reflected in this new conflict that arose in the corners of the groups on social networks. While One Piece fans declare that the episode in question will mark a milestone in the shonen industry, Dragon Ball fans declare that their franchise cannot be emulated in March 2018.

But what made Dragon Ball to be considered “unbeatable”? Well, you could say he did the impossible: he got otakus from all over the world out of their homes. Organized by large groups and even local governments in some Latin American countries huge productions of the final episode of Dragon Ball Superso thousands gathered in squares or other public places to see the peak of the Tournament of Power and other fans like them around him.

And of course we can’t ignore the comments:

  • «It won’t even come close to what Dragon Ball managed to do, it hurts whoever it hurts».
  • «If anything, it will be trending on Twitter, and already is».
  • «The Dragon Ball thing is pure nostalgia, it’s not an opinion, it’s the truth».
  • «Dragon Ball fans make me laugh, that nothing is on their level, that nothing can come close, that they can only break the Internet. No one says one is better than another, relax».
  • «Of course, people from all over the world will surely gather to see this episode of One Piece in hundreds, very credible».
  • «It’s sure to be an epic adventure, but let’s say it breaks the internet? I do not think so».
  • «The only thing that breaks One Piece is insomnia, great Dragon Ball!».
  • «Haha, sorry, but what Dragon Ball Super has achieved with its last three episodes will be unmatched by anyone, not even Dragon Ball itself. The Luffy thing will make the streaming platforms fall at most, but it won’t reach the level of the collected masses as if it were soccer».
  • «How do they fuck with this? The Goku thing was great and the Gear 5 thing aims to be just as good. stop fighting over stupid things».
  • «Not at the same level, I haven’t seen anyone trying to mass screen the episode or things that Dragon Ball Super achieved».
  • «The internet broke? Maybe. Has Father Ball achieved it? I really doubt it».
  • «I have never seen One Piece generate so much chaos as Dragon. The latter even made some governments broadcast their episodes in public places».
  • «You will not be able to match Father Ball, sorry Luffy fans, keep believing in your fantasies».
  • «If Luffy’s transformation is not so successful, One Piece will be the laughingstock of the public».
  • «Imagine watching over a thousand episodes for the most anticipated moment in the entire series to go unnoticed, I can’t wait to see it!».
  • «They are burning this so much that no one cares anymore. At Goku’s, no one imagined Ultra Instinct and everything was a surprise».
  • «Only the Spanish could imitate what we did in Latin America, but I haven’t read any rumors that they are preparing something similar. So they might have a boring convention to watch the episode, but nothing else.».
  • «Imagine comparing the popularity of Dragon Ball to the popularity of One Piece, find out who your shonen father is!».

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