The Lambrini Girls Back by Graham Linehan for his Anti-Trans Comments

Graham Linehan has criticized the Lambrini Girls for accusing them of “supporting the sterilization of children” for speaking out for transgender rights.

The Brighton punk duo have spoken out for trans inclusion and their recent EP “You’re Welcome” features a song called “Terf Wars”, which criticizes transphobia.

Linehan, for his part, has been known in recent years for taking an anti-trans stance, claiming that his views have cost him his career and image. In 2018, he was reprimanded by the police for verbal harassment after getting into an online dispute with a transgender activist.

The Lambrini Girls performed yesterday (July 1) at Iggy Pop’s “Dog Day Afternoon” show at London’s Crystal Palace Park, when they projected trans-inclusive messages on the video wall behind them, including “Trans Lives fucking material” and “Stop naming your children”.

In response to his record label, Big Scary Monsters, who shared a photo of the moment, the Father Ted creator responded with an image that read: “Start thinking of an excuse for why you supported the sterilization of children,” captioned the band.

The band responded: “A disappointing example of a powerful industry leader who is afraid of authentic self-expression. He would rather attack the individuals who try to assert him than face his own prejudices.” Oh boo boo Graham Linehan you have to shit on other people to stay relevant. Pull my balls.”

They also responded personally to Linehan: “If we’re playing the ‘what about boys’ card, here’s a stat: Su*c*de has the highest number of transgender youth of any youth group, of hate from people like you and the fact that you can’t access vital gender confirmation surgery. Children are dying,” they wrote.

“What scares you about support [a] authentic self-expression of minority groups? How does that affect your life anyway? You are not martyrs, you are literally the problem. The extremists here aren’t the fags, it’s you.”

The band said in another tweet that Linehan’s comments weren’t the only reaction they’ve had from the anti-trans movement: “The thing is we have so many TERFS coming after us right now… if we weren’t freaking out for them. then we wouldn’t be doing our job well,” they wrote.

In an interview with NME Radar earlier this year, singer Phoebe Lunny said: “Punk itself was about inciting positive change, but now it’s literally about fucking men walking around the stage singing about it capitalism, when they all come from stuck five bedroom houses. Surrey. If you don’t go into these spaces and call out this fucking shit or try to teach somebody a fucking lesson, that’s not going to change.”

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