The Japanese Youth Council seeks to implement a ‘monthly cycling holiday’

On December 24 in Japan, a group of students submitted an application to the government.menstrual leave”In schools, pointing out that menstruation has a big impact on school life. According to a survey conducted by the group, nearly 70 percent of female students who have ever wanted to take a day off from school for their period are backwards. Why?

On the night of December 24, they inquired about the menstrual cycle in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood. «My stomach hurts so much (during my period) that I can’t tell the teacher, so I suffer alone..»(High school student, 16 years old). Another group of students noted: «It really hurts me»,«Sometimes I vomit from the feeling“Y”It hurts so much that I can't get up“With this, the group concludes that the menstrual cycle can affect students' school performance.

That day, the Japanese Youth Council, a group of students, and others submitted an application to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, calling for the introduction of the “menstrual leave“in the schools. The university students who applied said:«Our goal is to increase the number of days off (people with the period) can take, and to increase the number of new options that do not have a negative impact if they take the time off».

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Youth Council and the group # Minna-no-Menstruation (300 respondents from primary to university and vocational school), 93 percent of female students wanted to be absent from school due to menstruation. 68.3 per cent, that is, almost 70 per cent of female students, abstained. Why not take a day off?

«If I take time off because of my time, people will think I'm lazy, and I'll have to go all out.»(High school student, 18 years old), and«I will not be able to take notes in class, I will fall behind my studies or my teachers will think badly of me»(High school student, 16 years old). In the survey, 62.6 percent of female students who abstained from taking time off said they thought it would negatively impact their grades or internal grades.

«Unless you want your teachers to think badly of you, it's best not to be absent. If that could be avoided it would be great»(High school student, aged 16) and«While I dare not say it, I think if they offer those days off, everyone will be able to rest at home»(High school student, 18 years old).

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