The Japanese ensure that Lycoris Recoil will be the best of the Summer-2022 season

the portal of Japan mojito published an article describing that the fan community in Japan already thinks that the original anime of the studios Pictures A-1, Recoil LycorisWill “Best anime of the season“, highlighting the fact that it is leading in bookings of physical packages. However, fans are also concerned about its “anime original” quality, as they are often disappointed towards its final episodes with a decline in the quality of the plot.

«It is difficult these days for the original anime to grow in popularity, but the new anime Lycoris Recoil (TOKYOMX etc.) for the Summer-2022 season there seems to be an unusual surge in demand. Pre-orders for the physical bundle set on Amazon.co.jp have also skyrocketed, with many anime fans calling it the “dominant anime of the season”.».

«This drama introduces the Lycoris girls, agents who work in the dark under the secret organization “DA (Direct Attack)” to prevent crimes before they happen. The story focuses on Chisato Nishikigi, who is said to be the strongest Lycoris of all time, and Takina Inoue, who was kicked out of the DA headquarters, and can be enjoyed as a “friendship” story between the two girls».

«The general atmosphere is somewhat light-hearted and easy on the eyes, despite the serious worldview in which peace is achieved by putting criminals on the reservation in advance. The characters are attractive in any situation, and many fans have been moved by the intense relationship between Chisato and Takina. On the other hand, the battle scenes are quite strong, with military action reminiscent of the John Wick movie, which includes the “CAR System”. It’s hard to describe the appeal of this work in a few words, but it seems to have struck a chord with anime fans from a wide variety of genres.».

«Numerous comments can be read, including: “Main contender for supremacy this season“; “It’s the best anime of the season, it’s very funny and the animation is good“; “The story is carefully told, the animation is very good, and I think it will dominate this season.“; “Lycoris Recoil is undoubtedly the winner of this season, with three very good episodes“; “This is what a perfect work looks like.” The third episode seems to have been decisive for fans to declare this anime as the best of the season».

«Of course, there were also more realistic views, such as: “So far it looks good, but I’ll have to see it through to the end to judge if it’s interesting“Y”Concerned that the original animation often betrays expectations in later episodes“. In fact, unlike animation with a pre-defined story (manga or novel) that has a fixed future, original animation tends to go towards the final episodes. This often leads to the term “Anime that was only interesting at first (序盤だ面白かったるるて)”, where “Angel Beats!”».

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