The Japanese debate of the big thighs of the current waifus

A few days ago we reported that the illustrator of the franchise Atelier Ryza who was chosen as an artist Miku Racing Version 2023version of Hatsune Mikuthe idol of vocaloidwho acts as the face of the Japanese racing team Good smile racing. However, he pointed out that her design greatly increased the number of thighs of the popular virtual idol, which attracted a variety of mixed opinions among fans who have followed the digital artist for many years.

That sparked a debate on a popular traffic forum in Japan, where it was asked, like a breast: Has the thigh size of girls in anime been exaggerated lately?. Of course, it is clear that the size of the breasts of female characters is increasing every year in the anime industry, but is the same thing happening with the thighs? Let’s check out the fan reviews:

The forum was opened with a compilation of the designs of the girls in the video game for smartphones Final Period: The Story of a Never-Ending Spiral and another from the video game Lily’s attack.

  • «Looks good to me, I have never been a fan of breasts».
  • «Hmmm, I thought the fashion was only from Atelier Ryza».
  • «It was worth screaming at the top of your lungs. From now on, my paradise has arrived».
  • «Ten years from now, we will probably look back and say that the depiction of women in 2022 was too unbalanced.».
  • «What they did to Miku was extremely disgusting».
  • «The Miku thing was not right, it was a real mistake».
  • «Miku-chan sells by her voice, not by showing flesh. It’s too bad what they did to him».
  • «Making comparisons like Miku-chan seems like an exaggeration.».
  • «When the original character design is changed to increase thighs, it does not stop on that character».
  • «The Miku thing is a change, it’s like making Goku or Kenshiro ultra-thin».
  • «The thing about changing characters to make them fit is terrible, but the original new characters can make them what they want».
  • «The increase in buttocks and thighs is the result of the aging of the otaku population and an increase in the attack zone of women. Unfortunately, the lolis refuse because they remind them of their daughters».
  • «Thighs are more common in fat people and are becoming more true to life».
  • «I like thighs, but I don’t like them tight and ham-shaped. I don’t like those that are thicker than the buttocks».
  • «I’ve heard that American women like to show their bottoms too, so it’s very much in keeping with the times.».
  • «Natural size is also important».
  • «Accordingly, the arms should also be thick».
  • «If you are going to make the thighs bigger, make the butt bigger too».
  • «Well, it looks like we’ve entered the era of thighs and finally left the era of breasts.».

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