The Japanese celebrated Good Hip Day

As mentioned before, the month of November is full of unofficial celebrations for Japanese netizens, which are mainly derived from the Japanese writing of the date, where the month is first placed. Therefore, the numbereleven“, corresponding to the month of November, the word “ii (yes)which translates as “Okay“. With this, many days of the month are dedicated to celebrating different parts of the body, such as the breasts and the buttocks, but November 12 corresponds to “Hip Day (Ii Hip no Hi)“.

In celebration of this, artists on Twitter and the wider netizen community shared a range of illustrations along with the commemorative hashtag #いいヒップの日. Unfortunately, there are many of these illustrations NSFW (Not Safe for Work), so they violate Google’s guidelines and cannot be included in this article. What happens that Since illustrations are focused on the female hips, many artists take advantage of this and draw the “lower lips” in detail.which Google immediately recognizes.

However, we will post some illustrations to celebrate the Good day hipsbut the hottest ones will have to go to our comment box, although always respecting the boundaries already set out in our guidelines.

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