The Japanese celebrate the Good Day of the People

November continues to be one of the favorite months for the fan community of otaku culture on social networks, November 20th is celebrated on “Good Day of the Crowd (Ii Futomomo no Hi)“. On this date, fans will not only focus on posting images about the thighs, but also look for or make those where the thighs are quite visible.

The thighs are one of the most popular female body parts among anime fans, behind only the breasts and buttocks, and perhaps in front of the legs. However, the thighs are also the protagonists Zettai Ryuikicalled the “Absolute Zone“, and refers to the area of ​​bare skin that acts as a gap between long socks and miniskirts or shorts.

The IS “Absolute Zone” considered an erotic zone by anime fans, and emerged as a concept on comment boards back in the 2000s. The “Absolute Zone” to be classified not according to the length of the skirt, but according to the height of the sock, therefore the less exposed area, the better qualified it will be. Anyway, fans shared different illustrations to celebrate this day, mostly accompanied by the hashtag #いい太ももの日.

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