The Japanese believe that the return of HUNTER x HUNTER is getting closer

Japanese portal mojitsu posted an article describing that Japanese fans are also very excited about the recent wave of manga resumes as Houseki aon Kuni (Lusrach Country) Y Berserksince they expect to be next on the list HUNTER x HUNTER. In fact, the author’s recent activity Yoshihiro Togashi on Twitter this hopes are even greater.

«Recently, a number of popular manga series that have been on hiatus for a long time have resumed serialization. Fans are now turning to HUNTER x HUNTER as it seems to follow the same steps. What is author Yoshihiro Togashi thinking? Firstly, in the 13th issue of this year’s Young Animal magazine, published on June 24, the “Berserk” series resumed., a landmark of dark fantasy, which has sold a total of 50 million copies worldwide. The series was on hiatus since the death of the author, Kentaro Miura, in May last year, but was revived with the help of manga artist Kouji Mori, a close friend of the author.».

«The drawings, which belong to Mr. Miura’s apprentice, are made by Studio Gaga, and are so high that they are close to the original. A total of six programs are due for release until the “Fantasy Arc / Elves Island Arc” is completed. Also, in the 8th issue of this year’s Evening Monthly magazine, the Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous) series by Haruko Ichikawa’s resumed. The work, which became an animated television series, was also a success, but was paused since December 2020. It was the first time in a year and eight months that it returned to the magazine.».

«“Berserk” and “Houseki no Kuni” are two very popular mangos that fans are waiting for to resume serialization. Of course, there was a flurry of joy on social media and elsewhere, but then the “long-suspended manga” name Weekly Shonen Jump was mentioned for reference. Needless to say they were talking about “HUNTER x HUNTER”».

«Countless fans are waiting for this work to resume with comments such as: “The world moves on, with Houseki no Kuni and Berserk starting the series. And then there’s Hunter x HUNTER…“; “I think Hunter x Hunter could be next“; “Berserk and Houseki no Kuni are back on the market, will that manga we all know continue?».

«“HUNTER x HUNTER” has been suspended for about three and a half years now, from November 2018, and continues to break his personal record of shame for the “longest suspension”. However, this does not mean that there is no news: in May this year, author Yoshihiro Togashi abruptly opened a Twitter account. He has posted a countdown message with an image of a manuscript with numbers written on it, so he seems on his way to pick up the set, but we can not let our guard down yet. In addition, there are many other works, such as “Terra Formars” and “Kenka Kagyou”, which manga lovers are eagerly awaiting their resume. The recent wave of resumes is expected to have a positive impact».

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