The iconic school swimsuits are also leaving the anime

At the beginning of this year we shared an article in which we mentioned that Japan is going through a process of “upgrading” school swimwear to the modern age. The purpose of the Japanese authorities was to “genderless school swimsuit“, that is, they have the same designs for both male and female students.

These two-piece top and bottom swimsuits leave less skin exposed and include bottoms, so girls don’t have to expose their bottoms anymore. Although most agreed that these swimsuits were introduced in schools to prevent girls from revealing their bodies, it seems that not everyone was happy when this same thing came to anime.

And that was what happened recently with the anime The Girl I Like to Forget Her Glasses (Suki and Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta), as it happens that the class attended by the protagonists Cadé Komura and eat me they had to wear bathing suits for swimming. While Komura (the boy) wears the shorts and the castle outfit, the women’s swimwear was very different from what they expected.

When the girls appeared on the screen, the audience noticed that the women’s swimsuits were different. Instead of the design they were familiar with for years, the girls wore an ensemble with shorts that hit the middle of the knee, as well as a loose-fitting top. Although it doesn’t look like the new designs in real life, it follows the same “unrevealed” rules.

The funny thing is that the designs were already like this from the original manga The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glassesso it wasn’t a modification made to the anime adaptation:

And of course, the unexpected complaints appeared in the comment forums:

  • «This is not a school swimsuit, what did they do?».
  • «These swimsuits look too thick, you can’t see anything!».
  • «Your school swimsuit is a disgusting design, they don’t know shit».
  • «But what happened to the traditional swimsuit? I understand they change in real life, but in anime too?».
  • «Well, I also find the shape of this new swimsuit attractive.».
  • «It seems that the trend to make gender swimsuits has its way to anime, unfortunately».
  • «What’s with this hideous swimsuit design?».
  • «Are we a Muslim country now? What was the problem with the swimsuit before?».
  • «Well I have to admit I like it».
  • «It looks like a prison uniform».
  • «It’s not an attractive swimsuit, I’m sorry».
  • «Ah, but guys still have to show their bare chests and insecurities, right? devil women».

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