The hurtful comments on Love Live! Superstar!! bothered some

the portal of Japan mojito published an article stating that the comments are towards the premiere of the second season of the anime Love Live! Superstar!! positive so far, despite the fact that four new members will be joining him. However, criticism has arisen about how the relationship between Tang Keke Y Sumire Heannawith “abuse the first towards the second” on the rise.

«After much anticipation among anime fans, the second season of the anime “Love Live! Superstar!!!” It has finally begun. The new members have been appearing one after the other, adding to the excitement, but some fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with how the “Kusumi” is now, which connects Tang Keke and Sumire Heanna .».

«In the first episode that aired recently, the members of Liella! they recruited new members at Yugaoka Women’s High School, which had started a new semester. At the same time, the “first year members” who were to join in the future were serialized. The debate is as lively as ever, with related terms dominating Twitter trends. Positive comments include: “I have a feeling it will be the best part of the season“; “It is remarkable that there is a grade progression and that there are new students, which have never been there before in Love Live!“; Y”It’s too perfect for the first episode of the second season».

«On the other hand, some viewers disliked the interactions between Tang Keke and Sumire Heanna. This pairing is also called “KuSumi”, a popular channeler, and it is clear that Keke will always choose Sumire. However, since the first season, many have said that the conversations between Keke and Sumire were “too loud”, and the second season was no exception, increasing in level and frequency.».

«For example, in the first episode of the second season, Sumire is unusually serious and worried about Keke. This was because Keke promised her parents that she would return to China if she didn’t achieve results as a school idol, and Sumire asked her what happened to the story of her returning to Shanghai. But Keke replies, “It’s not yours” and “It’s not for Sumire to worry about!”, giving a cold look.».

«Also, in a scene where they try to recruit new students, Sumire asks, “Can you find any good ones?”, to which Keke replies, “They’re all better than you. They are from the Music Course,” Sumire answered sharply. This eventually led to various negative comments, such as: “I am concerned about the strength and frequency of hurtful comments“; “I can’t help but feel bad for Sumire-chan.“; “I still get that they’re trying to make that “the more they fight, the better they get”, but it makes Keke’s character look worse.“; Y”I think Keke insults Sumire too much, so much so that it stops being funny».

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