The Great Cleric Anime reveals a new key visual, not airing this week

It continues The great clergyman anime adaptation revealed a new key visual earlier today. There will be no new episode this week due to the broadcast of the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Instead, two new episodes will air on 24 August.

The Great Cleric - New key visual
The great clergyman – New key visualization

Directed by Masato Tamagawa The great clergyman anime, with Keichiro Ochi for series composition. Wang Guonian is in charge of character design. The anime premiered on July 6 this year.

The great clergyman(Seija Musso) is based on a manga by Broccoli Lion first published on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website. It was acquired by Micro Magazine in 2016 and published under the GC Novels imprint with Syme’s illustrations. A manga adaptation by Hiiro Akikaze is being serialized on Niconico’s Suiyobi no Sirius platform.

Kodansha’s Vertical licensed the manga in English, while J-Novel Club published the light novel.JNCdescribes the plot as:
One moment a certain salaryman is on cloud nine, that promotion is finally in his grasp, and the next he’s cowering in pain and that’s all she wrote. Luckily for him, fate had a little more to say. A world of magic, monsters, and other such life-shortening creatures await his newly reborn self for a second try at life. With nothing but his past life experiences and sharp business skills to guide him in the foreign lands of Galdardia, he takes the name Luciel and vows that his (next) death will be of nothing but old age. And what better way to avoid (another) horrible death than to take a nice, easy job as a healer? But spending time in another world isn’t easy or cheap. It will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to hone the skills he needs to make his way. But he will… or die (again) trying!

Crispy roll is streaming the anime.

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© Hiiro Akikaze/Broccoli Lion/Kodansha/The Great Cleric Production Committee

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