The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Unveils Episode 6 Preview

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glassesunveiled the preview images and video ofepisode 6 on Wednesday. Crunchyroll,Bilibili, andAni-One Asia (in select regions)are streaming the upcoming episode titled “Entering a New Semester With the Girl I Like” which is slated to premiere on Tuesday, August 8.

Studio GoHands is animating the series with Susumu Kudo acting as chief director and Katsumasa Yokomine as director. Tamazo Yanagi is in charge of writing the scripts while Takayuki Uchida is adapting the character designs from the manga written by Koume Fujichika. Jimmythumb P is composing the music. Shion Wakayama is voicing the titular character Ai Mie, while Masahiro Ito is playing the role of Kaede Komura.

Tsuzuri is performing the opening song “Name” and the newly-formed trio Masayoshi ga Megane wo Wasureta(composed of Masayoshi Oishi, Masahiro Ito, and Shion Wakayama) is singing the ending songtitled “Megane Go Round.” Acreditless versionof both the theme songs’ videos was also released.

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 6 – Preview Video

Bilibilidescribes the plot as follows:
Due to the reclassification, Mie, who is seated next to him, is a favorite of Komura’s. Komura does learn one day that Mie’s eyes have changed to be exceedingly aggressive. Komura attempted to assist Mie, who was having trouble seeing well, but it turned out that she had just forgotten her spectacles. Just that Miehad more than one day without remembering to wear her spectacles. Can Komura’s heart handle the pressure of having to deal with a variety of close encounters brought on by Mie’s poor eyesight?

Source: The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses OfficialTwitterandWebsite
© Koume Fujichika / SQUARE ENIX/ Production Committee Forgot Their Glasses

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