The future of Berserk manga remains uncertain

On the official Twitter account of the franchise based on the manga written and illustrated Kentarou yabuki, Berserk, a special video was published to promote the launch of the forty – two volumes of the work. The cover in this volume is based on a sketch left by the author before his death, and the book's epilogue confirms that the future of the work remains uncertain.

Miura began publishing the manga in 1989 in the magazine Animal Monthly House from the publisher Hakusensha, to be transferred later to the magazine Young Animal in 1992 where it continued to be published until his death in May 2021. The publisher published the thirty-ninth compilation volume in June 2017, followed by the forty-ninth in September 2018 in Japan. .

Berserk Summary

Now marked for death and destined to be haunted by demons until the day of his death, Guts sets out on a journey to challenge such a grim fate, relentlessly chasing waves of cattle. Solving his solution, he takes down the despicable sword of Dragon Slayer and vows revenge on the one responsible, hunting down the man who was once respected and regarded as a friend. Along the way, he meets some unlikely allies, such as a little elf named Puck and Isidro, a young thief who wants to learn a sword from the former mercenary. As the smorgasbord slowly reunites after deciding to go in search of Guts, they will face an incredible danger they have never seen before.

Fountain: Official Twitter Account

© 三浦 建 太郎 (著) / HAKUSENSHA 白泉 社

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