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The first reactions to Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness


In recent weeks – even months – comic book fan circles seem to be getting more and more excited about the invasion of sam raimi in MCU. The movie, with a star benedict cumberbatch in the role of Doctor Strange, to hit theaters in 2021. However, reshoots and a shooting and release schedule were severely pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic releasing the release back to May 6, 2022.

When we last saw Doctor Strange, he was struggling to control the destructive Multiverse after a spell at the request of Peter Parker(Tom Holland)) went grossly wrong, opening up his world to visitors from other realities, including a couple of famous older Spider-Man(Tobey McGuire Y Andrew Garfield). Meanwhile, Wanda continues to mourn all her family and deal with the aftermath of Westview. It will soon be known whether she will remain a friend or an enemy.

But what do the first reactions say about the long – awaited film? Is it as awesome as the trailer suggests? Is it the kind of happy moments we saw there? Will Wanda Maximoff finally get a fucking break? Check out some of the early reactions below.

This is what they think Perri Nemiroff, Ross Bonaime, robert taylor Y Maggie Bocella from Collider:

Many critics praised the sequel for its extraordinary scenes and large – scale scale, as well as leveraging Raimi ‘s experience in the field of horror (after focusing on those classics) to his advantage.

Others praised the cast, noting Olsen ‘s performance in particular.

However, while the reviews were generally positive, some critics had less favorable comments about the sequence, saying it was mixed and disconnected at points.

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