The Eminence in Shadow releases episode 10 preview

Eminence in the shadows has released preview images and teaser trailers for episode 10. Episode 10 will air on December 7, 2022, and Sid will go to the holy city for the Goddess trial. The episode will also be the start of a new arc (the start of the second light novel) and Alexia, Rose, Beta, Epsilon, and Alpha will play a major role in that particular part of the story. You can watch the trailer, which is narrated by Alpha (voiced by Asami Seto) below:

Eminence in the shadows Episode 10 preview trailer

There is also a special version of the trailer narrated by Epsilon (Hisako Kanemoto) and Beta (Inori Minase):

Eminence in the shadows Episode 10 Special Trailer

You can also check out the preview images below:

Eminence in the shadows Episode 10 Preview Images Part 1
Eminence in the shadows Episode 10 Preview Images Part 2

Eminence in the shadows premiered on October 5, 2022 and currently has 9 episodes available. Kazuya Nakanishi directed the series at Nexus studio. You can watch the show on HIDING.

To Daisuke AizawaEminence in the shadows(Kage no Jitsuriokusha ni Naritakute!) series of light novels. Enterbrain serialized it with Tōzai’s illustrations from November 2018 and currently has 4 volumes available. Kadokawa Shoten publishes a manga adaptation by Anri Sanko and currently has 7 volumes in circulation. Yen Press licensed original Shadow excellence a light novel in English. You can read the summary of volume two below:

Sid visits the Holy Land, where he finds himself drawn into the Goddess’ trial. It is a ritual event that calls forth warriors of the past to face only the most worthy of the present. As Sid confronts the witch who has brought devastation to the world, the door to the Sanctuary creaks open, giving the Garden of Shadows valuable insight into the possessed and the cult of Diablos. This is until Sid, blissfully unaware of the conspiracies going on behind the scenes, goes on a rampage!

source: Official Twitter
©Daisuke Aizawa, KADOKAWA/Shady Garden

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