The “Elden Ring” update expands the Patches questline and adds tons of improvements

Elden ring It has received a new update, which brings some improvements to various weapons and an update to the Patches quest line.

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Patch 1.04, now available, adds two additional new items Elden ring. The first is a new option that allows players to turn the camera’s auto-rotation feature on or off. But the most interesting thing is that new “exit steps” have been added for the NPC patches. The update did not reveal what is in these events, so players will have to dive into the game for themselves to find out.

This update also included a large number of balance adjustments; the larger weapons in particular have received some improvements. The attack speed of the huge swords and weapons increased and their redemption decreased. The two-arm attack damage for giant swords and weapons was also increased, but in both cases the attack damage per jump is the same.

Large Swords, Weapons, Great Fence, Large Swords, Great Swords, Great Captivity, and Halberds have also increased the physical block rate and defense round.

Damage to a few weapons, such as the Grafted Blade Greatsword and Devourer’s Scepter, is also buffed.

The update the Elden Ring it also includes other enhancements for players, such as the madness affliction animation era being shorter now. In addition, players will receive slightly more CE and stamina per level at lower levels.

However, a number of negative changes have also occurred, such as a reduction in the stacking scales of status effects from the spells and insanities of the Albinauric Team and the Dragon’s Communion Seal. The effect of the Great Shield Talisman on weapons with a high block rate was also reduced.

If players want to see any of these changes, all they have to do is level up once, activate Godrick’s Big Run, or retrieve anything that gives a bonus stat to Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Resistance, Intelligence, Belief or arcana.

In other news, it is reported that Sega is restarting crazy taxi Y Jet Radio.


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