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The ‘Doctor Strange 2’ ticket office is breaking the multiverse, raising $ 450 million

The film is sweeping the box office, raising $ 450 million worldwide in its opening weekend. Part of that terrible success has to do with the huge sequencing profit in IMAX to date. it has made $ 33 million at the IMAX ticket office worldwide. This is a new IMAX record for the month of May.

The film, shot using IMAX cameras, was the fifth highest ever IMAX world opening for a Marvel title and made the list of the top 10 IMAX global opening weekends ever. As if that were not enough, it held its fifth highest national IMAX opening Thursday night. In North America alone, the film earned $ 18 million from 410 IMAX screens, averaging $ 44,000 per screen. This means that Doctor Strange ‘s multiplayer episode in May had the highest ever domestic IMAX opening in May and the sixth highest domestic IMAX opening for Marvel.

In 68 international markets, the film was played on 350 IMAX screens and amounted to $ 15 million. It had its largest ever IMAX opening weekend in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Turkey, Vietnam, Lebanon and Nigeria. In addition, the film had its second, third and fourth best opening weekends at IMAX in many of its other global markets. In total, 48 of the 68 markets have recorded the top 10 openings at IMAX this weekend. This includes 31 of those markets that have had the top 5 IMAX openings ever.

Speaking of the exciting news, an POF IMAX Rich Gelfond, said, “The huge summer season has got off to a strong start, reflecting well on the fantastic schedule ahead featuring some of the world ‘s most bankable franchises, filmmakers and stars.” He concluded, “From our Filmed camera show for IMAX to IMAX Enhanced on Disney +, IMAX and Disney have built a strong partnership that will only grow this year with great new releases like, and upcoming.”

Gelfond is certainly right. This is a very strong start to the summer movie season, with movie theaters starting to feel like they’m getting up and running again. It’s a sign that incredible things are to come, not just for future Disney releases, but for the big blockbusters to come in the near future. People are making it clear that they are going back to the movies. In the crazy world we live in, this kind of box office news is the only thing that is comfortable and normal. It’s also great to know that while Marvel is in serious danger of genre, the MCU is still going strong for a decade.

it was a brand new turn for the MCU, as it was the first film to dive into the horror genre. While it’s true that it will turn some fans off, the uniqueness of this creepy sequel is reflected in its star box office. This movie was full of sam raimi, with creatively crazy camera movements, scary images and tragic themes. More than an excuse for a cameo fest, the film was a rich emotional catalyst that illustrated the horrors of having powers and how easy it is for a hero to become a villain.

It’s also impressive, because it’s the first movie in this huge franchise that used IMAX 3D for a long time. Next week, IMAX hopes to continue its success with the release of the film on the Toho website in Japan and Saudi Arabia. While we all hope this sequel will make even more money, it’s already appearing in IMAX theaters.


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