The director of ‘The Quarry’ game explains how the ‘Death Rewind’ system will work

The next horror title inspired by 80s movies, The Quarryfrom Supermassive Games, he’s got an explanation for his new mechanic “Death Rewind” from the game director.

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Game director Will Byles spoke to him SegmentNext last week (April 28) about the new mechanics, which i Until dawn than i The anthology The Dark Picturestitles of the previous study.

“Death Rewind is a retry mechanic that is unlocked after you hit the story, or if you buy the Deluxe Edition of the game,” Byles explained.

“Basically you are given three” lives “that allow you to avoid the death of a character at the expense of using one of your lives. make another choice. “

According to Byles, it will take about ten hours to beat the game to the end, though the multiple ends and potential deaths of any of the nine characters provoke reactivability. “If you want to experience all the variations on the story of Conradh na Gaeilge The Quarryyou will be playing for a long time, “they said.

Byles contributes a lot to a story The Quarry it started “basically as a script”, with interesting story points and then choices that “one could make if one were in charge”.

“We had to make sure that the story of Conradh na Gaeilge The Quarry it does not fall apart if one character dies, “said Byles. The team of the upcoming game includes David Arquette as Chris’ camp counselor, and Ariel Winter – from the TV series new family – Abi will play.

The Quarry It will be on sale on June 10 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

In other news, the Embracer Group is ready to acquire many Western Square Enix developers and franchises for around £ 240m.


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