The daily puzzle game “Knotwords” receives an approved seal from the creator of “Wordle”

Wordle creator Josh Wardle praised Knotwords, calling it an “extremely elegant everyday word game.”

as a Twitter (via Kotaku), Wardle shared “if you like Wordle you should check out Knotwords.”

Calling him a “very elegant daily spot”, Wardle said that what impressed me most was that, despite its seemingly simple appearance, it was clearly built with a great deal of thought and care. é ”.

Like Wordle, Knotwords is a word-based puzzle game that adds a new challenge every day.

Available for PC and mobile, Knotwords is a combination of standard Wordle and crosswords. The game’s Steam page describes it as an “elegant, minimal logic puzzle, with words”, and while it’s available for free, there’s a paid version that adds more puzzles and a screen to see your personal stats.

Co-creator Zach Gage has shared that Knotwords is “the kind of game I’ve been trying to do all my career”, saying Wardle’s praise “they mean a lot“him.

“I love Wordle and it has had a huge impact on how I think about the meta-structures around Knotwords. Thank you for helping us feel confident launching something without ads,” Gage said.

As for Wordle, the New York Times bought the game in February, and Wardle is relatively quiet from the sale. However, the New York Times recently confirmed the best possible start word for players, and even released a companion bot to help players who struggle with solving Wordle’s puzzle every day.

Last month, US Vice President Kamala Harris revealed that even the White House is not immune from the allure of daily punishment.

In other gaming news, an hour of footage from a Ravenholm replica from Arkane Studios, Half-Life, is shared.


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