The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store is getting a new trailer ahead of its October 20 premiere

The upcoming The doorman at Hokkyoku Department Store anime film released a new trailer featuring the theme song “Gift” performed by Myuk ahead of its theatrical release on October 20.

The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store – New Trailer

Production IG animated the film under the direction of Yoshimi Itazu. Chie Morita does the character designs, Satomi Oshima writes the script, and Tofubeats composes the music. The cast for the anime film includes:

  • Natsumi Kawaida asAquino
  • Takeo Otsuka asEl
  • Nobuo Tobita asTo do
  • Megumi Han asForest
  • Natsumi Fujiwara asIvasse
  • Eiji Yoshitomi asMaruki
  • Jun Fukuyama asKyuji-chou
  • Yuichi Nakamura asTokiwa

The movie is based onHokkyoku Hyakkaten no Concierge-sanmanga written and illustrated by Tsuchika Nishimura. The series was serialized in Shogakukan’sBig Zokan comicmagazine from February 2017 to November 2018. The manga is not licensed in English.

The official site describes the plot ofThe doorman at Hokkyoku Department Storemovie like:
Aquino starts working at Hokkyoku Department Store as the new doorman. The department store is a mysterious place where all the customers are animals. Aquino is determined to become a full-fledged concierge, but struggles to become one under the watchful eye of the floor manager and senior concierge,with any problems arising before her.Among them are “VIA” (Very Important Animals), an extinct species, a unique group of customers that have their own unique characteristics.

source: Aniplex YouTube Channel
©2023 Tsuchika Nishimura / Shogakukan / Hokkyoku Hyakkaten no Concierge-san Production Committee

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