The community celebrates World Otaku Day today

December 15, “World Otaku Day“However, some points need to be made clear. First of all, it should be noted that this is not an official date but it is too popular on social networks and there are millions of users who pay homage to Japanese culture on this date. In this way, Japanese animation is already recognized year after year and as we explained above, they are now viral on social networks and even events are held in Japan and other parts of the world where celebrities from the West have even entered.

While it's not clear what exactly inspired the anime, manga and cosplay lovers' anniversary of December 15, it's usually related that the article with the report on Nakamori was published the same day. But who is Nakamori? Also, Akio Nakamori He is a Japanese writer specializing in manga and anime content who, in 1983, used the term “Otaku“for the magazine Manga Burikko, a term commonly used pejoratively to refer to someone with an obsessive hobby.

As well as being a fan of manga and anime, otaku usually does real cosplay (“dress play” is synonymous with “disguise”) some of their favorite characters and they mostly do it in manga conventions or cosplay contests, although it is also common in their daily lives to wear an object or garment that is allusive to their favorite anime. Unlike western trends, otaku has no physical appearance which is characteristic (such as painting your hair, boring, etc.), but instead reflects their behavior and hobbies.

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