The Clockworks Share Their New Song ‘Lost In The Minute’ For Abbey Road’s ‘Lock In’ Series

The Clockworks have shared a new song called ‘Lost In The Moment’ as part of the ‘Lock-In’ series at Abbey Road Studios.

The band from Galway, signed to Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby label, released their first single ‘Bills And Pills’ in 2019, with many singles following since. His latest release ‘Blood On The Mind’ came out earlier this month.

“Lost In The Moment” was recorded shortly after the end of The Clockworks’ “Lock-In” session at Abbey Road Studios. “Lost In The Moment” was originally written on piano, but was always envisioned as a full band performance.” , explained the singer James McGregor in a press release.

“We were at Abbey Road recording another song and I sat down at the grand piano in Studio Three and played this for the band. Over the next few weeks, we started working on a band version of the song. When we got back to Bull Abbey at the end of the night, someone had the idea to set up the piano and microphone and do a raw live recording to capture the essence of the song.”

He continues: “At first, this song was three different songs. I realized that thematically each of the three songs seemed to be trying to come up with something similar, and even the chord sequences on both which was uncannily similar I put the songs together and it seemed to make sense to me I like the irony of trying to create a moment by questioning whether we have lost the ability to create moments.

“I often find that the more painful the lyrics are, the more fun they can be. It’s like one thing allows for the other. I think an influence comes from shows like Fleabag or The Office, where the funnier they are, the more it hurts when they get sad.” Watch a live video of the song now.

The “Lock-In” series invites artists to Abbey Road Studios to record a new rendition of an existing song or work on an unexpected new collaboration. The Clockworks joins the likes of DC Fontaines, Django Django, Denai Moore and Jane Weaver who have appeared on the series so far.

Speaking to NME in 2020, McGee reflected on how The Clockworks first approached him. “The band sent me a message on Instagram saying, ‘McGee: we’re the punk rock version of The Streets,'” he recalls.

“I thought, ‘smug little bastards! Well, I’m interested in them. ‘I like to work with people with balls, and they’re little go-getters. Same thing with Cat SFX – back in the day, ba she wants to be a punk hero. She has strong opinions on everything: he will have controversial opinions about the milkman. You have to love people like that, they are the best”.

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