The BioWare team at ‘Mass Effect’ and ‘Dragon Age’ studios strive to unite

BioWare’s contracting company, Keywords Studios, is looking to join the developer of Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4.

As Kotaku reports, an application filed with the Alberta Labor Relations Board on April 20 confirms that the staff of Keywords Studios in Edmonton’s office is preparing for a union vote.

“Food and Commercial Workers Union of Canada, Local No. 401 has applied under the Labor Relations Code to become a certified bargaining agent for an employee unit of Keywords Studios BC, Inc. who agrees: All employee development support at BioWare’s office Edmonton, “the application reads, shared on Reddit.

Keywords Studios is a video game services company that leads on hiring companies dedicated to art, localization and quality control. It is known that the Keywords team at Edmonton headquarters put the syndicated application into the studio behind the games Mass Effect and Dragon Age, as well as other RPG titles.

As the application indicates, if the Alberta Labor Relations Board determines that it complies with the requirements of the Code, including that the union has at least 40% support from employees of the proposed marketing unit, “it may cast a secret ballot make a representation. “.

Employees objecting to the application must submit it in writing to the Board. They will have until May 3 to file their protests.

This is not the first video game studio called for union. Raven Software, the studio behind Call Of Duty: Warzone, has been struggling to reconcile for the past few months after Activision Blizzard retired its employees in December 2021.

Last week (April 23), it was announced that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) had ruled that Activision Blizzard’s QA Raven Software team was eligible for a trade union election.

In other news, Activision has lost 50 million monthly active users in the past year.


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