The Best Seasons of Bad Girls Club

What happens when the bad girls get together and rage?

Conceived by creator Jonathan Murray as a show in which “charismatic, tough girls” would live together in a luxury home for three months under the watchful eyes of television cameras, Bad Girls Club has become so popular that it generated a lot of of spin-offs, and the original lasted a whopping 17 seasons.

But what are the seasons that are most worth watching?

Here’s a quick countdown of the 5 best seasons of Bad Girls Club so you can start your next BGC binge like a pro.

5. Season 15

Season 15 Best Bad Girls Club Seasons 1

Season 15 of BGC decided to focus on family, with a cast consisting of four pairs of sisters. Or are? Episode after episode, viewers were on the edge of their seats as it was revealed that two of the alleged sibling ensembles were hiding a big secret. The result: Tons of drama, a couple of unforgettable fights, and the kinds of incredible twists and turns that true reality TV fans end up talking about for weeks afterward.

4. Season 5

Season 5 Best Bad Girls Club Seasons 1

Known as the first season of Bad Girls Club in Miami, season 5 premiered to huge numbers. How did the debut episode become the most watched premiere in Oxygen history? Chalk it up to all the rumors of the behind-the-scenes drama. In fact, one resident’s racist comments were so controversial that the network decided not to rerun the season after its initial broadcast. Still, those who can get footage or who watched the original broadcasts say the cast are among the most memorable bad girls of all time.

3. Season 7

Season 7 Best Seasons of Bad Girls Club

Season 7 is a winner thanks to a diverse cast that somehow managed to get along. Instead of relying solely on pointless arguments to generate ratings, this season’s mean girls made a name for themselves by being funny, honest, and throwing a bed in the pool.

2. Season 4

Season 4 The Best Seasons of Bad Girls Club

BGC viewers who tune in to fistfights have identified season 4 as the season where all the physical fighting started to get super entertaining. Cast member Natalie Nunn was at the center of so many conflicts that she was actually kicked off the show in episode 11 after she caught some of her roommates on a road trip to Santa Barbara.

No hard feelings, though: Nunn returned to compete in a BCG spinoff called Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, ultimately taking second place.

1. Season 2

Season 2 Best Seasons of Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club Season 1 might be where it all started, but Season 2 is when things really got interesting. Host Star Jones helped keep the mood going and gave the show a bit more structure, but the real magic came from cast member Tanisha Thomas. The Brooklyn native was an instant fan favorite thanks to highly-quotable catchphrases like “Pop off!” and “I can’t sleep because of all of you! They won’t sleep because of me.


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