The author of Soul Eater and Fire Force could cancel his retirement

The festival dedicated to comics, animation, video games and science fiction, Comics & Games Luccaheld in Italy and attended Atsushi Ohkubothe author of the popular manga franchise Soul eater Y fire force (Enen no Shouboutai). In his meeting with the journalists, he commented on his work and the hard work involved in returning to the industry, so much so that in the past he had said that Fire Force would be his last work.

«Is it really his last work?» asked one of the journalists. «It’s true, I said it. But now I’m thinking better of it. Sometimes I even thought that I couldn’t do it anymore, but now I think I can do other things, maybe with the machines to draw by themselves. Some people destroy themselves with work, I don’t want to do that, I need a break, a break», replied the author.

«Is participation in this convention work or leisure?», he asked afterwards. «On a definite break, I have fun at Lucca Comics & Games», replied the author. «The theme of madness is recurring in your works, is it important that there is a bit of madness in all of them too?», continued the questioning. «I try to show people’s insecurities. Without a little madness we would get stuck, we would die. In “Soul Eater” there is a relationship between madness and courage“, replied.

On the other hand, Ohkubo published the manga fire force in the magazine Shōnen Weekly Magazine from the publisher Kodansha between September 2015 and February 2022. The work inspired a twenty-four-episode anime adaptation produced by studios David’s productionwhich premiered in July 2019, followed by a second season in July 2020, with a third season in production.

Summary of Fire Force

Terrorism has paralyzed the inhabitants of Tokyo after a phenomenon known as “spontaneous burning” that began to turn its inhabitants into a type of fiery demons known as hellions. Despite this, some people are able to handle flames and maintain their human form, giving them special abilities that divide them into first, second and third generation pyrokinetics. Within this chaos, our main character Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic, joins the Eighth Company of the Special Fire Force Unit, which seeks to discover the truth behind the phenomenon of human combustion.

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