the anime industry consumes seiyuus by forcing them to become idols

the portal of Japan mojito he published an article indicating that there are temporary withdrawals Marika Kouno Y Tomori Kusunoki provoked an angry reaction among fans, not towards the voice actresses, but the industry as a whole. It turns out that the current model of the anime industry forces practical voice actors not only to play characters, but also to sing, dance, participate in photo shoots, among many other things. This creates a huge workload, which is already starting to take its toll on some of the most popular girls in the industry.

«Voice actors used to play a behind-the-scenes role, with little opportunity to be present on stage. Today, times have changed a lot and they are expected to sing and dance like idols, but their “negative side” is coming out. Popular voice actress Marika Kouno announced on November 1 that she was curtailing her activities due to her “ill health”. According to her agency, Aoni Productions, her doctor has diagnosed an adjustment disorder and will prioritize treatment at the moment.».

«Marika Kouno is a voice actress who got her big break as Silence Suzuka in the popular smartphone video game “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.” However, due to activity restrictions, she will not be able to make the dome premiere of “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.”, titled “4TH SPECIAL ADDITIONAL EVENT!! AN EXTRA STEP” and scheduled for November 5 and 6».

«On the same day, there was also sad news about voice actor Tomori Kusunoki.who is attracting attention for his role as Makima in “Chainsaw Man.” It has been announced that the role of Setsuna Yuuki in the anime “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen Doukoukai School Idol”, which is one of his best known works. He had physical problems since the spring of 2021, and in September of this year, a doctor diagnosed him with a genetic disorder. She said she had difficulty doing movements that put a heavy burden on her body, such as dancing, and had to ask to be moved off the stage because it prevented her from continuing her live activities.».

«The fans of the voice actors were furious with the news of the most popular artists of the moment. In the comments on networks you can read: “I am concerned about the many health problems voice actors face. I don’t think it has to do with the fact that they are becoming too diverse“; “It’s probably just another shade of the fact that “voice actors” are now forced to become idols too. Especially for voice actresses, dancing is becoming a mandatory subject“; “They force you to do too many things. Now you’re practicing for more events than your day job as a voice actor, unless you’re good enough“; Y”Voice actors are tired to a level that the entire industry needs to rethink once and for all».

«In fact, it is common these days for young voice actors to take up different activities other than acting in animation. Although they started singing and dancing at live events, they now need multiple talents, such as the ability to talk on online shows, take photos and attend social media. The burden that successful voice actors carry today is comparable to that of popular idols, and the pressure on their bodies and minds is immeasurable.».

«The background to this is the desire on the production side to offer voice actors as part of the content, and not just as simple actors. But the otakus themselves, the consumers, are comfortable with all this too. Instead of criticizing the industry for internet complaints, shouldn’t they be serious about the future of voice actors?».

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