The 5 Most Iconic Rappers With Dreads

Locs, dreads, Jaṭā – no matter what you call them, dreadlocks are a work of art backed by a ton of history and packed with meaning. In other words, they are much more than hair.

Here are five iconic rappers who are known almost as much for their dreadlocks as they are for their music.

1. Snoop Dog

The 5 most iconic rappers with dreadlocks Snoop Dogg

You can’t talk about rappers with dreadlocks without mentioning Snoop DO-double-G. Snoop has been in the business for decades, and in that time he has worn his hair in just about every style imaginable, including braids, pigtails, loose, silky straight, and in a mini afro. He then started sporting dreadlocks in 2012 after he took a trip to Jamaica and adopted a new Rastafarian-inspired alias, “Snoop Lion.”

The Lion is back to being a Dogg, but the engines have remained more or less the same.

2. Lil Wayne

The 5 most iconic rappers with dreadlocks Lil Wayne

The artist formerly known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is a true legend thanks to his unique style of rapping that combines catchy lyrics with an aggressive delivery and a generous dose of autotune. But he’s also super recognizable for his dreadlocks, which regularly draw the attention of fans on social media who think his random hairstyle needs a little TLC.

3. Busta Rhymes

The 5 most iconic rappers with dreadlocks Busta Rhymes

Put your dreadlocks where our eyes can see them! Busta Rhymes may have short hair now, but when he achieved icon status in the ’90s and early ’00s, Busta sported a wild head of dreadlocks that he often wore in bunches to add volume. Just before he had his dreadlocks cut at a New York barbershop in 2005, Busta said it took him 15 years to grow them out. “I started growing these sh-s in December 1989. He was 17 years old. I signed my contract and said, ‘I’m not doing my hair anymore. I do not have to'”.

4. 2 chains

The 5 Most Iconic Rappers With 2 Chainz Dreadlocks

2 Chainz’s hair journey began with a few braids that eventually morphed into the free-form braids she normally sports today. His dreadlocks are usually free form, meaning they are natural and unstyled, but 2 Chainz has also been known to try some more complex looks and has even dyed some of his dreads blonde.

5. Jay-Z

The 5 most iconic rappers with dreadlocks Jay Z

For years, Beyoncé’s rapper husband wore his hair super short and cut straight across the front of his head, but times have changed. After playing around with a mini afro, Hova began sporting freeform dreadlocks in 2018. According to lyrics he contributed to Meek Mill’s “What’s Free,” Jay-Z believes his dreadlocks are a symbol of freedom, so it’s unlikely to part with them at any time. early.


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